New Home Communities in Chicagoland

Lexington Homes brings new designs and rejuvenated life to communities where Chicagoans still appreciate great quality and service, a great place to live, a good deal and enduring value.

Our kind of town.

We love Chicago. The city. The 'burbs. The heart and soul of it. The culture, the fun, the family life, the smarts. We love this metropolitan area as only born Chicagoans can. There are other major homebuilders doing business in this town and its superb suburbs. But there’s a difference between Lexington and those national companies: they’re not from here. We are. We have Chicago in our veins. We understand you and what you want. We have a knack for finding gem locations. And we deliver. As an industry leader here for more than 50 years, we've built over 42,000 happy homes in Chicago-area communities.

We love Chicagoland, and we’ll give you a home from which you can continue to love it, too. Yesterday, today, always.