Yesterday. Today. Always.

Founded in 1973, Lexington Homes is the undisputed leader in Chicagoland homebuilding. No other builder, past or present, in this area is more regarded for their quality, location, integrity, and success.
Under the helm of the company’s founding family, Lexington continues to create communities where people most want to live. That’s been the key to our success for more than 50 years throughout Chicago and its suburbs.

Heartfelt satisfaction, yours and ours, comes not just from the more than 42,000 homes we’ve delivered. We build each home as though it’s the most important ever, in a place where everyone most wants to call home. That's why three generations of loyal Lexington homeowners have enjoyed life in a well-located happy home.

RONALD J. BENACH (1932 - 2023), Founder of Lexington Homes

A Chicago homebuilding legend with career spanning over 60 years and 42,000 homes built