A Step-By-Step Guide To Owning Your Lexington Home.

We invite you to check out the steps below that are involved in purchasing and building your new home. We'll guide you through each of them and make the process as simple as possible for you.

Step 1: Purchase Agreement & Deposits

Your sales representative will present a purchase agreement outlining what your new home includes, it’s location, and cost. Construction will begin after we receive a deposit to reserve your chosen home..

Step 2: Mortgage Loan Application & Approval

You’ll need a mortgage unless you’re paying in cash. We’ll suggest lenders who provide an interest rate cap in addition to other benefits enjoyed by Lexington Homes buyers.

Step 3: Why Use Our Lender?

We have relationships with excellent lenders who will serve you well. Lexington’s preferred lenders will give you an advantageous quote and, unlike some other lenders, they’ll honor it at closing.

Step 4: Finalizing Mechanical Options

Deciding upon framing and mechanical options is an important stage; no detail is overlooked. Once decisions are finalized, groundbreaking takes place six months before the delivery of your home.

Step 5: Finalizing Interior Options

Around three months before delivery, you’ll choose interior finishing touches to reflect your tastes. We’ll personally work with you to select materials, colors, and accents so everything is exactly what you want.

Step 6: Building Schedule

We’ll provide a range of possible delivery dates so you can begin planning your move-in. As construction on your home progresses, we’ll be able to better judge when you’ll take residency and give you a firm date no later than 10 weeks before closing.

Step 7: Construction

This is when the excitement begins. We’ll arrange for site visits during key points in construction so you can see the progress on your home. We’ll also notify you when construction phase milestones are reached. We understand you’ll want to know everything!

Step 8: Pre-Drywall Orientation

We want you to understand the quality we insist upon even when you can’t see it. We’ll arrange an orientation tour for you before the interior drywall installation where you can ask questions and confirm that all your selections are in place.

Step 9: Nearing Your Home Closing

You’ll be notified about your escrow closing. And schedule an orientation appointment to discuss utility connections. At two weeks before closing, you’ll receive a ‘Preliminary Closing Package’ detailing all arrangements. No guesswork!

Step 10: New Home Orientation

You’ll be accompanied on this walk-through by our Warranty Service Manager. Together you’ll...

  • Make sure your new home meets all guidelines and standards of quality
  • Make note of needed minor adjustments or alterations
  • Learn the function and operation of systems in your home
  • Confirm your understanding of Lexington’s Warranty Service Program
  • Learn about homeowner maintenance procedures
  • Answer any remaining questions you may have

Please allow approximately two hours before closing for this orientation.

Step 11: Escrow Closing

Congratulations! You’ll take the title to your new Lexington home at closing. You can move in and begin enjoying your new home. Closing details will be covered in your ‘Preliminary Closing Package.’ Bring a certified check for the balance of your down payment and closing costs. You will also need to provide evidence of homeowner’s insurance, in addition to any requirements requested by your lender.

Step 12: After the Service Sale

Lexington backs our homes with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business. Our Warranty Service Program is designed to expertly serve your needs. You’ll receive this warranty at the time of purchase and it will be explained completely before you move in.

Step 13: Your Comments

We want to hear from you. We’re delighted in hearing you’re pleased and seriously take any suggestions you might have regarding ways we can make the experience even more satisfying. Your feedback is welcome, neighbor!

Step 14: Welcome to the Lexington Family

We are excited to welcome you to the Lexington family and are honored you chose us to build your home. We wish you happy times in your Lexington home and hope that if your future housing needs change, you’ll look to us again. We’re here for you today, tomorrow, always.