Stay informed and up-to-date about everything relative to your new home. If you have a question about preparing your house for the change of season, your manufacturer’s warranty, have a Service Request, or if you want to schedule your Service Request Walk-Through, we’re here to help.

Informed and up-to-date

We are proud to have you as a member of the Lexington Homes family. We want to continue serving you by giving useful information to help you settle into your new home.


  • Schedule a maintenance check for the heating system
  • Disconnect hoses and cover outside spigots
  • Clean gutter and downspout
  • Clean clothes dryer vent


  • Replace filters in heating and A/C system
  • Check attic for water damage
  • Check basement for moisture
  • Check battery in smoke and CO detectors


  • Replace water in water heater and test the pressure valve
  • Check roof for damaged shingles
  • Check exterior wood for signs of deterioration
  • Lubricate door hinges and garage hardware


  • Check caulking and weather stripping
  • Replace window screens and storm windows
  • Cover outside A/C units
  • Clean gutter and downspouts
  • Check basement for dampness or water, check if sump pump is working
  • and if ventilation to the basement is adequate
  • Check ceilings for water stains
  • Check for missing caulk in the bathrooms
  • Check fuses and circuit breakers
  • Check for dirty and dust around the furnace, change air filters
  • Check faucets for leaks
  • Check downspouts to make sure rain water flows away from the foundation
  • Check exterior for peeling paint or decayed siding and trim
  • Check roof for missing or cracked shingles

Service Request

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Homeowner Handbook

Download your community's Homeowner Handbook below for all of the information you may need regarding your new home or manufacturer's warranties.