NOV 1, 2018

Millenial Homebuyers, Pajama Rooms, and Blue as Neutral: Lexington’s Creativity Featured in Media

New Home Source and Realtor Magazine

We love when reporters turn to Lexington to demonstrate examples of new home trends. It shows us we’re on target delivering new and exciting ideas that you, our homebuyers, will love. Recently Lexington was featured in several posts on home design, color, and creative spaces. Enjoy the below! 

“What Builders Do to Stay in Sync with Buyers”

New Home Source

This article talks about the break from 1950s nuclear family trends in home design and the move toward what a new generation of homebuyers wants. It covers millennials, the affects of social media and Pinterest, and more! Lexington is featured for our flexibility and Chicago-area focus. 

From the article: “By concentrating on the Chicago area, Jeff Benach, co-principal of Lexington Homes, believes he derives an in-depth understanding of what that market demands as well as the availability of land and the desirability of specific locations. ‘The nationals stay pretty cookie cutter. We have a little more nimbleness about it. We don’t have to run things up a flagpole. If I think something needs to change, I can just pull the trigger.’”

Where can you see this? At any Lexington community, and specifically at Lexington Reserve at Oak Park—where we are offering new construction townhomes in the heart of a classic Chicago town.

“New Living Rooms for Everyday Life”

Realtor Magazine

This article discusses a new trend that could be related to the recent interest in hygge called “pajama lounges,” where families have a secondary living room that is private and near bedrooms for family to comfortably gather—not meant for when entertaining guests. Lexington is featured for smartly including these spaces in some townhome designs. 

From the article: “The Chicago builder is adding pajama lounges to the three-story townhomes it’s constructing in the city’s Avondale neighborhood, on the third floor near the master bedroom suite. ‘The idea,’ says co-principal Jeff Benach, ‘is that children whose rooms and bedroom are on the second floor will come up to the parents’ level so all can hang out together.’ For those parents who don’t want to climb an extra flight of stairs, the master suite and flex room might be switched with the second-floor children’s bedrooms. The floor on which the flex space is placed is less important than ensuring that there’s a bathroom close by, Benach says." 

Where can you see this? Lexington Village at Avondale

“Why Blue is the Hottest Fall Color—And How to Use It for a Timeless Feel in Your New Home”

New Home Source

This article examines blue in all of its shades and possibilities—as both an accent color and a neutral. Lexington is featured for its use of blue in decorated models at our newest communities. 

From the article: “Jeff Benach, principal of Chicago-based Lexington Homes, says that blue is a trending color in Lexington’s newest communities. ‘Our new townhome models feature blue as a main décor color,’ Benach says. ‘A blue-toned master suite upstairs (has) touches of blue in the bath, as well as the bedding and a blue lamp in the bedroom.’

Where can you see this? Lexington Heritage at Arlington Heights


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