Summer Refresh: Simple Ways to Freshen Your Spaces

Summer is quickly approaching and we cannot wait for the warmer weather to finally arrive. As we not-so-patiently wait for the first summer days, now is a great time to prepare your home for warmer and longer days. Here are some of our favorite ways to update your space for summer.

Open the windows

Summer is all about maximizing the flow of light and air into your home. A good way to start is by opening your windows and changing your window treatments to lighter or sheer fabrics that will filter the midday sun while catching the breeze.

Opt for lighter textiles

Lighten up your space by changing out heavier textiles like rugs, curtains, throws, and bedding for lighter options. Winter is all about being warm and cozy, which translates to hunkering down with heavy blankets and textures but summer is for light and bright things.

Embrace summer scents

Scent is a powerful sense. A single whiff can transport you back several years to a specific moment in time. Take advantage of this by filling your home with quintessential summer scents like citrus or delicate florals like gardenia or jasmine.

Add some greenery

Nothing beats plants and flowers when it comes to freshening your home and adding pops of color. Choose plants that thrive indoors, like snake plants or succulents, and brightly colored flowers to instantly add charm and life to every room of your house.

Prepare your outdoor spaces

Once summer hits, you’ll be spending more time outdoors. Now that your home is ready for the new season, it’s time to focus your attention on getting your outdoor space ready for summer fun. We shared some of our favorite tips for getting your outdoor space summer ready in this blog post.

Shed the heavy winter fabrics and get ready to enjoy summertime fun and long, lazy days. These quick and easy swaps will set the tone for a summer of fun. If you’re in need of a new home, visit us online at to learn more about our new home communities in Warrenville and Glenview.