Let Your Passions Inspire Your Home Décor

Your home is a reflection of who you are. So why not personalize your space with your passions? Whether you’re an avid traveler, photographer, or music lover, it’s nice to see your interests reflected in your home. You don’t have to turn your home into a museum dedicated to your hobbies. With a few small changes and adjustments, you can showcase your hobbies and passions and infuse your home with personality.

Match your room’s style

Anything you bring into your home should complement your current design scheme. Don’t rely on just available space. Consider the room’s current style and choose items that best fit. A collection of antique figurines may look great in your office, they may not work in your bedroom. 

Use your talents

Flex your creative skills to create custom décor pieces for you home. Displaying your creative work throughout your home will remind you of what your love doing. Do you love photography? Frame a photograph you took. Are you a painter? Paint a picture to hang in the living room. Into gardening? Fill your home with plants.

Showcase your tools

Many hobbies come with beautiful tools. Instead of packing your tools away after each session, keep them somewhere visible and easily accessible. Whether that means keeping a guitar on a stand in the corner of your room or creating a vignette with your camera. Not only will your tools be within easy reach when the mood to create strikes, but seeing your tools on display may inspire you to use them more often.

Create witty vignettes

Vignettes are small groupings for several objects – and are a great option for sprinkling your hobbies throughout your home without devoting a lot of space. Choose a item to serve as your anchor and then supplement them with complementary items at varying heights. For instance, if you’re a writer and have a treasured vintage typewriter, place a book or two nearby along with a vase.

Tell a story with your collections

If you’re a collector, find ways to display your pieces in your home. Display shelves and cabinets are great options for items like figurines, photos, glassware, or other types of memorabilia. You can also hang items as well. Displaying your collections are a great conversation starter for visitors and can often uncover similar interests.

There’s a variety of ways to incorporate your hobbies and passions into your home. Hopefully, these ideas inspire you to personalize your home with your unique interests. If you need a new home, visit us online at LexingtonHomes.com to learn more about our new home communities in Chicagoland.