February 27, 2020 - Micromansions Are Out, Right-Sized and Efficient Is In

In the US, for years homes were built with the mentality that bigger is better. Now, though, the trend seems to be changing as homebuyers focus more on efficiency, affordability, and keeping things at just the right size.

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In a recent 2020 trends article by Builder Magazine where real estate industry experts were polled for what’s happening now in homes, one of the top trends is: “Smaller, More Efficient Designs Are on the Rise.” Even a homebuilder in Texas—where everything’s bigger—is quoted on the topic. Richard Lee of Lee Brothers Construction says, “Right-sized homes have been trending upward for a few years now. Families are becoming increasingly aware of the wasted square footage in their home.” In other words, why have a front sitting room if no one ever uses it?

At Lexington, floorplans are designed to maximize the functionality of available space. The homes often include an entertaining open living space on the first floor, 2-3 bedrooms, and a flex room to use however your family would like. In this sort of floorplan, all the rooms are put to excellent use.


But this tightly focused design doesn’t mean style is sacrificed. Denise Benach, Director of Interior Design at Lexington, says, “All Lexington homes have an open concept to match how we live today—the great room, kitchen, and dining room are all open in all of our homes—so if you are preparing dinner you can have conversations with your guests.” In Lexington floorpans, you’ll see things like volume ceilings or two-story great rooms, space for a big dining table, and large, expansive windows.

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The only question in downsizing becomes—where to put all of your things? This, though, can be reconciled by homebuyers in a few ways. One is the Marie Kondo attitude—asking yourself how much “stuff” you really need? People increasingly are purging unnecessary material items that weigh them down rather than, as Kondo says, “sparking joy.” Clear the clutter and clear your mind! And what happens if you don’t want to get rid of everything?

Another easy solution provided by Lexington is this: a right-sized home can also be smartly designed to have space where you need it. We sell townhomes that are wider than the average townhome floorplan, giving you that open, spacious feel that you crave. We also offer storage solutions built into the floorplan to give you the room you need for your belongings. Expect to find plenty of closet and storage spaces, 2-car garages, and even in some floorplans, basements.

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 10.26.35 AMWe know being outdoors matters for a lot of people, so homes often include a backyard and/or a rooftop deck. This expands the functional living spaces even further.


Is it time for you to find a home that is just right for you? Lexington is building right-sized homes throughout Chicagoland. Visit a Lexington community today!