December 13, 2019 - Lexington Wins Suburban Developer of the Year from Chicago Agent

We are honored to share that Lexington has been awarded “Suburbs: Developer of the Year” from Chicago Agent! Chicago Agent is a trusted Industry news source for all things real estate in the Chicago area. As we love the Chicago area and have huge respect for the Chicago Agent’s pulse on the market, we are extremely pleased to have won this Agents’ Choice Award.


Chicago Agent cited many things that helped Lexington rise to the top:

  • Lexington has built over 40,000 homes
  • Lexington has a long history in the area, established in 1973
  • Lexington has innovated since its beginnings—with a townhouse product called a “coach home” and the “zero-lot line concept” for single family homes specifically mentioned, and we continue to innovate today
  • Lexington is the only large-scale, privately owned homebuilder in Chicago to weather the Great Recession

Garry Benson, VP of Sales at Lexington, notes that the true strength of Lexington is the team of people behind it. Benson said, “From homeowner satisfaction to quality construction to creating the best aspects for every community, we are so proud of our team and the teamwork that they practice on each and every aspect of the development process.”

Agents’ Choice Awards are selected by the readers of Chicago Agent Magazine, real estate professionals in the Chicago area. With each award, they honor the best of Chicagoland Real Estate.

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