September 25, 2019 - Real-Estate-Industry Buyers at Lexington’s Oak Park Community Love Their New Home

Kim and Joe recently moved from Lincoln Park to their new construction townhome at Lexington Reserve at Oak Park. They are in the real estate industry, which is always flattering to us as builders as it speaks highly of the community and the home they are purchasing—after all, they see new home opportunities every day and recognize a good home and investment when they see one. They are the co-founders and real estate brokers at Howard Homes, a Chicago real estate firm.

Learn more about Kim and Joe and their buying experience at Lexington Reserve at Oak Park, including their favorite features (which they couldn’t narrow down!), their thoughts on transitioning from the city to Oak Park, and why they see it as a great long-term investment.


Facetune_25-08-2019-16-06-42Tell us about yourselves.

We were so excited to begin our home-search process that we decided (like many buyers) to go out house-hunting early…it turns out, we fell in love with Lexington Oak Park so much that we decided to jump six months ahead of schedule. We took a day trip to Oak Park and loved the quaint feel of the downtown, the amazing building styles, and of course we loved the idea of building a dream home with our own finishes.

From a real estate background perspective, we recognized that there are not many new construction developments in Oak Park, so we knew that this would be a great long-term investment. The home offers inventory for people like us who are used to the more city-style finishes and city “feel.”

The new construction process was so much less stressful as well, since we were able to plan ahead for furniture and look forward to things each month as we got closer to our move-in date. The team was great to work with, and we always felt like communication was on-point, which was super important to us.

What were you looking for in a new home?

Coming from the city, we knew our next home would be large enough to have a family one day and give us space to grow in (God-willing). We also hoped for city finishes and touches/style, which is sometimes hard to find in the suburbs. New construction wasn’t even on our minds until we realized that we could get so much more for our money, still be just 20 minutes from the city, and live in a community that was in the heart of everything! Community is important to us, so having nearby parks, restaurants, and shopping and also feeling like we are in a great town were all priorities to us—and fortunately, we found all of that and more with our new home!


Lexington Reserve at Oak Park Model Home

Why did you choose Lexington?

Lexington has a reputation already in the suburbs for building a solid home, so that was one aspect we already knew as brokers. Additionally, when we actually stepped foot into the Oak Park townhouses we felt the layout was thoughtful and appreciated that space was really maximized.

Working with Lexington was a smooth experience overall, and we really appreciated the communication. We also trusted the builders, vendors, and other people we came into contact with as everyone on the Lexington team was friendly and experienced.

4a-Reserve-Living Room

Lexington Reserve at Oak Park Model Home

How is it going in your new home so far?

We have really enjoyed it. I think putting the home together is the most fun part, and our time has been spent shopping, thinking through decorating, and also of course enjoying our amazing rooftop where we spend a lot of time!

What is your favorite feature of your new home?

I love the master bedroom. Lexington worked with us to make it our own, and although customization always costs more, it’s a small price to pay if you want to add your own unique touches and finishes, which we really did. We are in love with our rooftop as well, as the layout is so spacious and feels like a separate oasis from the rest of the home! Finally, the first-floor room was one we weren’t used to coming from the city—it’s just not common to walk into a ground-level open-floor plan area. But it’s become a family room for us with a reading nook and a quiet library-like feel—and I am obsessed with it. I guess I can’t choose just one favorite feature…

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 8.50.11 AM

Lexington Reserve at Oak Park Model Home



We are so glad Kim and Joe love their new home at Lexington Reserve at Oak Park. Are you interested in being their neighbors? Check out the community today!