March 18, 2019 - Visit Lexington Heritage, Award-Winning Model Homes in Arlington Heights

Lexington Heritage offers 2-4 bedroom townhomes in the heart of the incredible Arlington Heights. Here you can find affordable, maintenance-free living that embraces the architectural heritage of this beautiful and desirable town. We are excited to demonstrate the gorgeous living spaces these homes offer with our professionally furnished and decorated models. And you don’t have to take our word for it that these homes are worth the visit: our models won several coveted Key awards from the Homebuilders Association of Greater Chicago in 2018.


Key awards are the HBAGC’s “Oscars of the Homebuilding Industry.” They recognize excellence in homebuilding, and we are honored to be recognized. In 2018, Lexington Heritage won several Key Awards.

The Berkley

  • Platinum Key for Architectural Design
  • Platinum Key for Interior Design

The Summit

  • Platinum Key for Interior Design

The Coventry

  • Gold Key for Interior Design

The Warrington

  • Gold Key for Interior Design

Lexington Heritage interior design was is overseen by Denise Benach, Director of Interior Design. We are excited that the team’s clear passion for bringing the homes to life for the buyer is being celebrated. To put together the design of the home, the decorators were provided with a detailed script of who the buyers are and how they would live in the home. The script even goes into the details of family members and their names and backgrounds. The models are inspired by what the buyers will love about living in the homes, and it truly shows.

These model homes have it all. They feature an open concept to match how we live today—the great room, kitchen, and dining room are connected and grand, open, and airy, taking advantage of natural light. You’ll see huge two-story volume ceilings with huge windows, glam bathrooms, tons of storage, basements, and details and finishes that will “wow” you.

Are you interested in checking out these award-winning models? Learn more about Lexington Heritage and contact us today!