March 8, 2019 - 5 Advantages to Rooftop Decks: Check Out Our Avondale and Oak Park Lexington Communities

When you are considering townhouse living, you likely know the many benefits—maintenance-free living, location near downtown, affordable pricing, and a true sense of community with neighbors. And at Lexington, you also get to take advantage of having plenty of room indoors and in your 2-car garage. You may believe you have to sacrifice the idea of an outdoor living area, but that may not be true. Now you can add an additional advantage at Lexington Village at Avondale and Lexington Reserve at Oak Park: a rooftop deck.


Rooftop decks are an optional feature at Lexington Village at Avondale (where residences also feature private backyards) and are included at Lexington Reserve at Oak Park. Residents will love their rooftop decks! Think of everything you can do if you have a rooftop deck.

1. Enjoy the extra living space. This feature will add another whole living area to your home. You might decide to add lounge chairs, an eating area, or keep it clear for a yoga space. When the weather is nice, head up to read, have a meal, get some sun, practice yoga, read a book, or just relax outdoors! And at Lexington Reserve at Oak Park, you can also opt for an expanded rooftop deck to give you even more space to enjoy.

2. Entertain family and friends outdoors. If you have friends or family over, it is always nice to have additional entertaining spaces. Invite people over for a meal or drinks with atmosphere.

3. Grow vegetables and spices. Take advantage of the sun! Your rooftop deck will be in the perfect spot for a planter for some vegetables. Or grow your own basil, rosemary, and other spices.

4. Take in the view. Elevation means more expansive views of your surroundings. And both Lexington Village at Avondale and Lexington Reserve at Oak Park offer great locations to enjoy panoramic views!

5. Improve the value of your home. This additional living space is a major value to you as you live there, and future buyers will love it for the same reasons you do.

Check out Lexington Village at Avondale and Lexington Reserve at Oak Park to be on your way to enjoying your new home with a rooftop deck today!