December 19, 2017 - Congratulations to Raum, a Second Generation Lexington Homeowner

Raum Sandoval lived in an apartment in Ukrainian Village and was ready to purchase a new home with his (now) fiancé, Rosalie Kapanga. They searched for a while in different areas around the city, and then Raum decided to check out what was available from Lexington Homes. Although he was just now purchasing his first home, he knew and trusted Lexington Homes—he grew up living in them.

Since the late 90s, Raum’s mother has lived in two different Lexington Homes in the suburbs. “My mom is a fan of Lexington,” said Raum. “She thought it was definitely safe to buy. She always had good experiences and loved the process of picking her selections and building from scratch. We always had good experiences with the homes.”

Raum started his search with LexingtonHomes.com, and using a realtor helped him to easily narrow his choice between two of Lexington’s Chicago communities. “We have friends who live in Lexington Square, so besides seeing the model homes, we were able to see our friend’s place too and get an idea of what the homes look like to live in.”


The Grant Model, the last remaining home available at Lexington Shore

Ultimately, he ended up picking a home at Lexington Shore in Hyde Park. “We picked Lexington Shore because I love Hyde Park and used to live nearby. There is so much around the community like restaurants and stores,” said Raum. They also loved the layouts offered at the Lexington homes. “In Chicago, so many homes offer long narrow layouts. Before narrowing our search to Lexington, we saw a few of these and they looked like nothing special. We saw one 3-floor layout we liked that was a top choice, but then we looked at Lexington and the homes had a similar layout, but quite a bit wider. There we’d get a lot more room, and we fell in love with it right away. It was an easy decision once we looked at everything.”

Raum’s favorite room in their new home is the kitchen. “I like it because I picked out a lot of it, and it turned out. We did custom countertops with a big, wide sink. It’s really nice,” said Raum.

Raum and Rosalie have been living in their new home for just over a month. “We’re pretty much settled in,” said Raum. “I love it.” Earlier this month they hosted a Friendsgiving and a housewarming and engagement celebration.

The people at Lexington are so happy to be the choice for this second generation of homeowners, and to have a part in Raum and Rosalie’s new adventure. Congratulations on your engagement and your new home!