February 24, 2014 - Your Checklist For Choosing a Builder

There are many benefits to purchasing a new home over an existing home.  With new construction, you can design your home specifically to your style and taste.  You don’t have to deal with someone else’s décor that may not reflect your tastes or fit in with your current furnishings.  Also, because it is new construction, you will have peace of mind that all mechanicals are in working order and you won’t be faced with any surprises and costly repairs.  So even though you get the mentioned benefits listed above, it is critical that you research the Builder you will use to build your new home.  The following is a checklist of items you can research about a Builder before making your purchase.

1)      How long have they been in business?  Longevity is one thing that can prove stability in a Builder.

2)     What is the number of homes that the Builder has built since being in business?  It is important to make sure you get the data just for homes that have been built locally.

3)     What type of warranty program do they offer?  Most reputable Builders offer a 10 Year warranty.  This will ensure you peace of mind if things go wrong.

4)     What is the Builder’s referral rate and repeat buyers rate?  This is to show you that buyers are happy with the Builder’s performance and that they would buy again or refer their family and friends to purchase from the Builder.

Lexington Homes tops the charts in the Builders check list.   We have been in business since 1973 and have built more than 45,000 homes in the Chicagoland area.  We offer a 10 year warranty with each of our homes ensuring you peace of mind.  Last but certainly not least, we have a 75% referral rate; meaning 75% of our homeowners have referred a friend or family member to Lexington.  Lexington Homes is a builder you can trust to build your dream home.