March 29, 2012 - How to Pull Off Seasonal Switches at Home

With spring in full swing, it’s time for your home’s wardrobe to make the seasonal switch!  We’ve found a combination of 6 design gurus who have offered tips on how to put some spring into your home’s step.

1.  Add punchy pillows with bright colors, neat designs and funky graphics.

2.  Group your glass.  “I arrange clear and green glass vases on my gray-painted Gustavian farm table and fill a few with tulips or peonies,” says Annika Christensen, owner of Midnight Sun in Highwood.

3.  Don’t just “spring-clean”, DEEP-CLEAN!  Get the windows to actually shine and sparkle.

4.  Create a springy centerpiece, says Cindy Galvin, owner of Maze Home in Winnetka. “I like a big blue-and-white Chinese bowl filled with bright green apples.”

5.  Add a fresh scent.  “After a winter of tightly sealed doors and windows, a citrus fragrance can do wonders,” says Susan Hier, Jonathan Adler’s Chicago design manager.

6.  Get rid of your rugs.  Bare floors, bare feet!

7.  Add white flowers all around the house.

8.  Lamps with different bases and shades can add pops of color and patterns to different rooms.

We hope your home makes the seasonal transition smoothly thanks to these designer tips from Chicago Magazine.  Let us know on our Facebook page if you’ve tried any and how it worked out.