June 14, 2011 - Vicky and Mary’s Excellent Adventures in Des Plaines

Lexington Homes’ Vicky and Mary share their Des Plaines adventures from when they visited local businesses to introduce themselves and sample what they had to offer. It’s important for businesses in the area to work together to enhance the overall experience of those living in and around Des Plaines. In their own words…

“Our first stop was DOTOMBORI, a Japanese restaurant located in downtown Des Plaines at 1526 Miner Street. We took a picture with the sushi chef Simon who showed us a little behind the scenes action. We had delicious sushi in a white cream sauce called Shrimp Crunch – yummy!!

Our second stop was at Twice A ‘Round Consignment & Resale Shop located at 614 Lee Street in Des Plaines. We met owner, Jamie and her daughter Athena. They have been in business for about 2 years and just moved into their new, larger location which is filled with great clothes, jewelry, handbags, hats and shoes. Yes, I bought the cowboy hat!! Congratulations to Jaime on her newest bundle of joy, Tristan. Thank you, Ladies, we had a good time at your store!!

Our third stop was at Pop O Licious, Inc. where we met owners, Chris and Chris, who informed us that the idea of opening the store came from a bet with friends – who could open a popcorn store first!! Congratulations, Chris and Chris, on winning the bet and welcome to Des Plaines!!

They are brand new to the downtown Des Plaines area, opening 3 months ago at 1460 Miner Street. They have every flavor popcorn imaginable, from green apple to bubble gum to pina colada to the Des Plaines mix (caramel & cheddar). We bought bags of toffee and caramel apple popcorn and couldn’t get enough, it tasted so good!! They will also be offering Italian Ice in the next week or so. We can’t wait!”