September 22, 2020 - Give Your Home a Refresh this Fall

The summer heat is starting to fade as we transition into the fall season, with cooler days and longer nights. The leaves are changing color and pumpkin spice is everywhere. Just like we’re changing our wardrobes for colder staples like sweaters and coats, now is the perfect time to start transitioning your home to make it feel warm and cozy. Here’s how you can get your home ready for the new season.

Clear out clutter and deep clean

Deep cleaning doesn’t have to happen just during spring! After spending most of the year at home, you probably noted a few items you can do without and areas that could use some extra attention. Take a weekend to go through each room of your home, cleaning out anything you no longer need, use, or want. Toss anything that’s beyond repair and donate or sell what’s still in good condition.

Before putting everything back in their designated spaces, take some time to do a little deep cleaning. Give the windows a good cleaning, dust shelves and baseboards, wash linens and blankets, and vacuum and sweep the floors. You’ll feel better in your fresh and clean space.

Another bonus: if you schedule a midyear cleaning, you won’t have as much to deep clean when spring rolls back around.

Rearrange the furniture

Rearranging your furniture can bring new life to your home so don’t be afraid of moving things around! You may have had a vision of how your home would look before moving in but after living in your space for a while, you may be able to find better ways to maximize your space. Moving a few key pieces can create more space and improve the overall look and feel of the room.

Embrace layers

The key to refreshing your home for fall—and even winter, is adding layers. Layers add a softness that promotes the feeling of warmth and coziness that’s characteristic of the season. Think pillows, blankets, soft rugs, and mats. Your kitchen and dining room can benefit from new dishtowels, placements, or table runners.

Add seasonal touches

One of the simplest ways to transform your home is to swap out accent pieces. Choose decorative pieces in warm, seasonal colors. Fill a bowl with seasonal fruit like apples or pears, or pumpkins and gourds. Don’t feel pressured to have to buy brand new fall pieces; shop your home to find seasonally-appropriate pieces you can use in different areas of your home.

Refresh the bedding

Changing the bedspread can change the whole look of a room. Switch out your lighter weight sheets and blankets for something warmer, like flannel or fleece in warm-toned colors. If rich-tones aren’t your style, opt for warm neutrals like dark blues, grays, or browns. You’ll appreciate sliding into a warm and cozy bed at the end of the day.

Fall is the season of transition and if you need a change in scenery, it’s a good time to move into a new Lexington home. We bring new designs and rejuvenated life to communities where Chicagoans appreciate a great place to live, quality and service, and enduring value. Visit us at LexingtonChicago.com to learn more about our new home communities.