January 8, 2018 - Fun Couple Settles into Lexington Shore with Their Blended Family

When college professor Torbjorn and sports and entertainment attorney Rhonda wanted to move, they had been living in Lincoln Park for three years. They have a full house—they had blended their families when they were married, and so they also live with their 13-, 14-, and 15-year-old children. During their home search, they were looking for a home that was affordable in a neighborhood they liked where they’d have space for all of the kids.

“We needed 4 bedrooms—a bedroom for everyone,” said Rhonda. “We also wanted a common area that was spacious and a nice kitchen. Those were the big things. Other important things were location, proximity to school, work, public transportation, and safety.”

“Previously we had looked around to see what’s available. We wanted to balance the cost, quality of home, location, safety—all the usual factors,” said Torbjorn.

They had some interest in Lexington Place 3, the Bridgeport Lexington community. And then when they saw Lexington Shore, they knew that was where they wanted to buy. They love Hyde Park. “It’s one of our favorite neighborhoods in Chicago. It’s very rare to get new construction in Hyde Park. Stuff didn’t come around the market readily either,” said Rhonda. “We like that it continues to progress. It felt safe for property value and like a good investment. All the things we’d been looking for came together.”

In their search, they didn’t require a new home, but it was a huge bonus. “We wanted something in good shape,” said Rhonda. “For me personally, it’s an awesome feeling. Nothing has been touched before, everything is brand new, and it smells like a new car.”


Lexington Kitchen

They also enjoyed picking out their own selections and finishes. They were impressed with the high quality standard options. “We could appoint the whole home using only standard and had only a few upgrades—cabinet doors, quartz, and fireplace,” said Torbjorn. “The standard options are quite nice. Standard doesn’t mean you need to upgrade for it to be high quality—they offer so many fine materials.”

They worked with Kimberly Corbin, Sales Manager at Lexington Shore. “Kim was so amazing. She was patient and knows just when to push and hold back, when to give advice, and when to be quiet,” said Torbjorn. “She read us very well, and could see who had strong ideas about things.” (Here, Rhonda laughed and pointed to Torbjorn. Torbjorn shrugged.)

They also enjoyed working with Brian Calderaro, Construction Manager, who walked them through the home once it was complete. “Brian is also great,” said Torbjorn. “He was patient, and we can’t speak well enough about him either.”

“He explained everything to us and didn’t take anything for granted. Even now he’s helpful, attentive, and responsive. We can reach him and responds immediately,” said Rhonda.

They moved into their new home at the end of October. They enjoyed the process so much that they called after they moved in to thank the folks at Lexington for everything. “The people make the difference,” said Torbjorn. “They know how to hire good people. They are phenomenal human beings.”

When asked if they’ve settled in, Rhonda laughed. “We have too much stuff—since we are blending two households—so we are still unpacking boxes,” she said. “It is all coming together.”



Lexington Fireplace Option


They are most excited about their fireplace and kitchen. “The fireplace is our favorite part of the house, and the kitchen is so beautiful,” said Rhonda. “We are happy with that every day.”

“We got quartz countertops, flat slab espresso cabinets, bright lights, quartz countertops,” Torbjorn added. “And it’s clean and beautiful. We are so happy with it.”

We at Lexington had an amazing time working with this fun couple, and we wish the whole family continued happiness in their new home!