February 7, 2012 - Wedding Planning Contest at the Bridgeport Art Center

The Bridgeport Art Center is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its historic building, the old Spiegel Warehouse on 35th Street, with a wedding planning contest!

It is hosting an “affordable wedding contest” where six event planners will compete to win $3,500 and prizes by putting on a wedding with 125 guests costing under $15,000.  The contest will be judged by relatively well known names including Donna Lapietra, a Chicago documentary filmmaker, Emmanuel Nony, owner of Sepia restaurant, Mary Beth Herr, architect and event planner, and David Ortega, the director of events and facilities for the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture.

We’ve learned that Small Event, a boutique event company, is hoping to win with its “Shakespeare in Love” design concept!!  Sounds lovely.  Learn more details about their idea and what’s in store here!