April 26, 2011 - Why Choose Lexington Homes?

Lexington Homes has a “you” attitude.  We understand that a new home can be the most important purchase you’ll ever make.  That is why we are focused on you and your needs. Before we create a community and the new homes that will bring it to life, we talk to people. People just like you. We ask questions to understand what it is you want.  The point of our business is your happiness…your security… and your home, the place where you’ll eat your meals, raise your family, build financial equity and enjoy for years to come.

Lexington’s management team is known throughout Chicago and the nation for their skill and success.  We have built more homes in more styles and in more communities then any other builder.  Our founding principle remains: “It’s not how many homes we build. It’s how well we build each one!”